Lo Stoiato

Toscana Montespertoli

Malvasia del Chianti, Trebbiano e San Colombano

Consegna: da 3 a 6 settimane

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the healthiest bunches, which are harvested by hand in boxes, are left to dry on "castle" mats in dry and naturally ventilated rooms until the February following the harvest. Natural dehydration enriches the grape juice, which develops 16% alcohol, with a residual sugar of around 90 gl. The dried grapes are then pressed and vinified according to tradition.

the must ferments slowly (due to the high sugar content) in small oak and chestnut barrels, the typical caratelli, in the vinsantaia, an attic room with strong temperature variations between winter and summer; the wine ages for five years in wood before bottling.

the color is amber, with a beautiful vivacity. Very dense arches on the glass reflect an imposing structure. The olfactory examination presents pleasant aromas of dried fruit, almonds, linked to hints of honey. In the mouth it is characterized by a fat and velvety attack, very intense and persistent, of fine quality. Wide sweet sensations in a whole that is well blended and in perfect balance.

Delicious with dry pastries, it finds its ideal pairing with cantuccini (almond biscuits). The combination with aged cheeses is very suitable.



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